My new house! I have a lot of work to do!

The first portion of images are photos taken by me of my new house. I get the keys in about three weeks! I have only posted photos of some parts of the downstairs because the upstairs has not been carpeted yet and is hard to visualize. Following are some of my favorite inspiration photos that I have gathered in my search for my house that I think are very well suited and could be incorporated with my personal touch in each aspect of my home. This has helped me narrow down and identify my design style and I hope you can see it too!


the entryway. i would like to do a side table and mirror here.

you can see a small view of the butler's pantry to the left, which I love.

the dining room

another view of the dining room
I definitely want to do this double mini chandelier look over my island too.

I love the look of the black rod with the really light drapes. It looks so chic.

My favorite mirror over the fireplace which I want to do with mine as well. And my favorite coffee tables here. Brickmakers tables I think they are called.

I am obsessed with this lamp. I love lamp!

I love this color scheme and style for my guest room.

You can't go wrong with Restoration Hardware. I would do my whole house in it if I could.

How amazing are these dining room chairs? They are so bright which I usually stray away from but I would have these in my dining room in a heartbeat. And how great is the olive ceiling with the white-ish walls? It is so understated but has such an impact.

So bright and fresh. And the hardwood looks just like mine.

I like everything here except for the entertainment, it's way too small. A built in unit with storage and shelves would look perfect.

I would like a built in like this in my dining room eventually. I think the dark wood is so pretty and elegant.

I also LOVE these upholstered chairs.

Holly Hunt, how can you go wrong?

Holly Hunt

Peacocks are my absolute favorite! It really works here. There is a very good chance that I will have something like this in my dining room!

I love the look of the double stools. This is an idea I will be using as well.

My double chandeliers again.


Selena said...

I love what you did to your house! Looking at the plans, I can tell that it will be astounding. You have great taste in décor! May I ask if you are an interior designer? My husband and I spent some time designing our home. We have a total of three floors, using a room in the first floor as a recreational room, the second as our dining and living room, and the third as our bedroom. My husband and I had fun, but in truth I want to have a bedroom like this: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-RQ272rqFBfU/UEnWeLsCTdI/AAAAAAAAAfc/R05rSQ4CsBg/s1600/40+feet+under+the+sea+room.PNG

Selena Manchester

Carmen Monrovia said...

Just like you, I really get a lot of ideas with the photos I see on magazines, on the internet, and on those home remodeling TV shows. Well, I also love those dining room chairs. The color is so lovely and it blends well with the other details around the area. It’s perfect!

Carmen Monrovia